6 inches Heart frame Silicon mold for resin Art

6 inches Heart frame Silicon mold for resin Art

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Size = 6 Inches
Material = Silicone
Features & Details
  • Molds are made of good quality silicone material, flexible, thick, washable and reusable
  • They are easy to use as their smooth surface makes it easy to cast and de-mould it, after ensuring that resin has completely turned solid.
  • You only need to twist the silicone mould to release your creation from the coaster mould.
  • Resin molds are used for making coasters, jewellery, ear-rings, pendants, bracelets, art and craft.

Note – please pay attention to the size before purchase. . The silicone resin molds have unique irregular shapes and they can meet your different creative needs.This silicone mould meets your demand for making various type of decorations. These molds are east to use, flexible, washable and reusable, which makes them eco-friendly. They can be used for resin art, diy crafts, jewellery making, decor items and other project and craft items. Happy crafting

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