8 CVT Diamond Shape Soap Making Mold

8 CVT Diamond Shape Soap Making Mold

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Mold Size : 28.6 X 22 X 3 CM

Cavity Size : 9.7 X 6.6 X 3 CM

Silicone soap mould is used for small to medium batches because they’re so diverse and very easy to release the finished bars from. A tug from the side and a push from the bottom is generally all you need to do to get them out. Silicone soap mould is non-toxic, lasts for years, and doesn’t need lining or prepping. Silicone molds make unmolding both cold process and melt and pour soap easy.

Ease of use.
Sturdy yet flexible
Various shapes possible
Food grade and Non toxic
Foldable and compact to keep
Comparatively inexpensive.

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