art resin 300gm special for art

art resin 300gm special for art

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Resin :- 200gm
Hardener :- 100gm
It’s two component modified epoxy based system
suitable for clear casting. The system after curing gives
an excellent gloss by polishing surface. The system is
room temperature curing, low viscous and has good
properties for casting.
Contents: resin and hardener. /2:1 mixing ratio, high
gloss, non-yellowing, bubble proof, crystal clear, self-
levelling resin formulated specifically for art.
Key Product Features;
* High Gloss and low shrinkage
* Water and chemical resistant
* Non Yellowing & Clear Transparent and Thin solution,
 The most reviewed Resin on the internet.
 Use the E art India Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin for water
like transparency.
 Does not crack even when casting 18 MM thick
 UV. Resistant highest Non Yellowing resistance
properties in the Industry.
 30 min pot life @ 25 degree Celsius.
 Curing: Curing normally takes place at room
temperature within about 24 hours depending on
the ambient temperature but may be Accelerated by
the application of heat.
 Can Polish after curing, Heat resistance, High
Cool and dry place, preferably in a sealed container
and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. This
product has a Self life of one year. Made in India