Art Resin Best for Ocean art and Mdf Art 1200gm

Art Resin Best for Ocean art and Mdf Art 1200gm

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Quantity (800gm resin + 400gm hardener)
It’s a two-component modified epoxy-based system
suitable for clear casting. The system after curing gives
an excellent gloss. The system is
room temperature curing, low viscous, and has good
properties for casting.
Contents: resin and hardener. /2:1 mixing ratio, high
gloss, non-yellowing, bubble proof, ultra-clear, self-
leveling resin formulated specifically for the art.
Key Product Features;
* High Gloss and low shrinkage
* Water and chemical resistant
* Non-Yellowing & Clear Transparent and Thick solution,
 The most reviewed Resin on the internet.
 Use the E art India Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin for water-like transparency.
 Does not crack even when casting an 18 MM thick
 UV. Resistant highest Non Yellowing resistance
properties in the Industry.
 30 min pot life @ 25 degrees Celsius.
 Curing: Curing normally takes place at room
temperature within about 24 hours depending on
the ambient temperature but may be Accelerated by
the application of heat.
 Heat resistance, High hardness.
Cool and dry place, preferably in a sealed container
and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. This
product has a Self-life of one year

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