Big 8 inches agate coaster mould for resin art

Big 8 inches agate coaster mould for resin art

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Dimensions ‏:

Depth 6 mm
Diameter 204 mm


Product description

large Irregular Round Resin Molds: The resin tray molds can be used to make fruit trays, resin clocks, agate pieces, resin art, crafts home decor, etc.

Material: Silicone

Size:8 inches

Widely compatible: It is compatible with most resins or resin pigments and can make into your resin crafts.

Easy demolding: You only need to twist the silicone resin mold and release it from the coaster mold after the resin completely cures.

Multiple uses: It’s very suitable for making artificial agate plate coasters, dinner plates, resin artwork, fruit plates, tea plates, DIY decorative home decorations, etc.

Instructions: 1. Pour the resin into a measuring cup in a certain proportion, and stir slowly along the wall of the cup in one direction. If necessary, add glitter or paint. Let it stand and wait for the bubbles to disappear.

2. Pour the mixed resin from the measuring cup into the mold, add dried flowers, sequins and other decorative objects, and wait for the resin to harden completely (about 24 hours), then release the resin to complete the beautiful small ornament coaster.

How to store:

Please store the resin molds away from direct sunlight and dust.

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