Geometric Bubble Ball Candle for Candle art

Geometric Bubble Ball Candle for Candle art

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Mold Size :- 7.6*6.9*7.6cm
Resin casting molds:The silicone mold set includes three epoxy molds in different shapes, you can make candles or crafts in different shapes.
High quality: These 3D candle molds are made of high quality silicone material. The finished candle can fully display your personality and noble taste.
SIZE: Sphere ball silicone mold:Mold Size :- 7.6*6.9*7.6cm
Multipurpose: The 3D silicone moulds can be used for making soap, candle, crystal craft and more. The finished candle is absolutely a good home decoration.
DIY crafts:Handmade candles are not only great decorations for home, but also best gifts for your friends. Show your creation and create memorable moment each other.

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