lyra Rembrandt polycolor pencils Set of 24

lyra Rembrandt polycolor pencils Set of 24

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Brand Lyra
Writing instrument form Colored Pencil
Colour Multicolor
Ink Colour Multicolor
Age Range (Description) Adult
About this item
Set Contents: 1 x White, 1 x Lemon Cadmium, 1 x Lemon, 1 x Canary Yellow, 1 x Light Orange, 1 x Dark Orange, 1 x Pale Geranium Lake, 1 x Rose Carmine, 1 x Dark Carmine, 1 x Light Cobalt, 1 x Light Blue, 1 x True Blue, 1 x Prussian Blue, 1 x Night Green, 1 x Sap Green, 1 x Moss Green, 1 x Apple Green, 1 x Dark Sepia, 1 x Van Dyck Brown, 1 x Gold Ochre, 1 x Burnt Ochre, 1 x Venetian Red, 1 x Pompeian Red, 1 x Black
Rembrandt Polycolor artistsa pencils enable the user to achieve fine, exact contours, as well as brilliantly colored areas and delicate merges.
Apart from use on paper and cardboard, the colors can also be applied to synthetic materials, wood, and textiles.
The round body is produced with the best cedar trees endorsed by the Italian forest certification scheme (PEFC).
They are waterproof, bright and vivid, and blend perfectly to give an endless variety of shades, hues and muted tones.

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