Lyra Rembrandt Poolycolour Pencils set of 12

Lyra Rembrandt Poolycolour Pencils set of 12

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this set of gray, white and black toned pencils aren’t run of the mill, they are as creamy as any other oil based crayon, but with all the versatility and control of a pencil. Created with the highest of standards of lightfastness, these colored pencils are water resistant and have virtually no wax residue. Layer and create a world of tones with these wonderfully thick pigments. All packaged in a metal tin for easy storability, bring these 12 shades around the world you create.

This 12 piece set includes:
• White
• Black
• Black Hard
• Black Soft
• Light Gray
• Silver Gray
• Medium Gray
• Dark Gray
• Light Gray Warm
• Silver Gray Warm
• Medium Gray Warm
• Dark Gray Warm

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