Resin Polish For Resin Art

Quantity :150 ml

Epoxy Art India Spray wax in an unique sprayble wax which extends high gloss / Shine and products surface for UV rays.

.Unique sprayable wax
.Easy to apply
.High coverage
.Good shine for minimal effect
.Products from UV rays
.Recommended for professional and dry

Direct For Use
.Ensure the surface to be treated inn clean and free of superficial application impurities.
.Washing with epoxy art India shampoo is recommended before shake well before use.
.Spray directly on the painted surface and speed evenly by clean sponge or Epoxy art India expert performance micro fiber cloth

.Store in a dry place & below 50 degree.
.Do not expose to sunlight or heat.
.Keep out of reach of children.
.In case of eyes contact, rinse thoroughly with a water & consult a physician.
.The contents are under pressure, do not puncture the container.
.Not recommended for storage in vehicles.
.Recommended to wear gloves and goggles during application
MSDS available on request.

Do Not Dispose Waste Material In To The Environment

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