Small Round Ball Rubik’s Cube Candle Mold For Candle Art

Small Round Ball Rubik’s Cube Candle Mold For Candle Art

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Mold Size : 4.2*3.7*4.2cm

The 2D Bubble Candle Mold is a special and lovely casting stencil that aids in creating candles for your home that are decorative.
The mould is exceptionally strong and straightforward because it is composed of premium silicone. These Overlapping Balls Sphere Molds are made of pliable, recyclable materials and can produce lovely, polished crafts. Because they are made of robust to durable silicone, you can use them for a long time.

It only requires using a needle to make a hole in the bottom, securing the wick to the center, pouring melted wax, and pushing from the bottom to release the cast candle that has been formed. In addition to manufacturing handcrafted candles, this mold can also be used to make soap or for baking. Bubble casting stencil makes beautiful decor items, making it an excellent gifting choice. This mold has a variety of uses, so both small and large enterprises frequently use it to create one-of-a-kind, exquisite DIY craft things.

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