Square T light mold for resin art

Square T light mold for resin art

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  • Easy to De-Mold: The interior of the resin mold is smooth and shiny and easy to demold. After squeezing and deforming, rest for a while, and then it will return to its original state
  • Durable and not easily deformed: Our molds are made of pure silicone, with excellent elasticity and excellent high tear strength, durable and reusable
  • Design with your own style: first pour the resin fillings into a measuring cup, add some decors (sequins, dried flowers, beads, resin dyes, and others), stir them evenly, then shape in the mold, and twist the mold when the resin is fully cured, take your crafts out of the mold easily; It’s up to you what color and style to match
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