4 CVT Round & Square Shape Soap Making Mold

4 CVT Round & Square Shape Soap Making Mold

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Mold Size

Square Shape : 7.5* 7.5* 4
Round Shape : 8* 8* 4*

Create your own special desserts or homemade soaps with our silicone loaf, muffin, brownie, cornbread, cheesecake, panna cotta, pudding, jello shot and soap mould. Simply pour your favorite recipe in the mould, prepare, and cool completely. Then turn it upside down, this flexible silicone mold provides a non-stick surface that allows the baked goods to pop right out with a little push from the bottom. Remember to place the silicone mold on a baking sheet for easier positioning and removal. Many have found creative ways to use silicone molds(depending upon the shape)to create delicious homemade cupcakes, muffins, brownies, cookies, cheesecakes, quiches, breads, loaf, muffin, brownie, cornbread, panna cotta, pudding, jello shot, chocolates, candies, tarts, butters, caramels, ice cubes, frozen baby foods, gelatin, ice creams. Others use the molds in unique ways to create clays, resin casting, candles, soaps and more. Whether used for your own bathroom, or as a gift, this soap is sure to be a hit.

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