Alcohol Ink Set of 13 Bottles

Alcohol Ink Set of 13 Bottles

Original price was: ₹1,300.00.Current price is: ₹840.00.

Alcohol Inks White
,Alcohol Inks Black
,Alcohol Inks Dark Blue
,Alcohol Inks Aqua Blue
,Alcohol Inks Olive Green
,Alcohol Inks Sunrise Yellow
,Alcohol Inks Lotus Pink(Dark Red)
,Alcohol Inks Green
, Alcohol Inks Magenta
, Alcohol Inks Hazelnut
,Alcohol Inks Reddish(Dark Red)
, Alcohol Inks Violet

Alcohol Inks
Price = ₹840
quantity = 10ML/each
types of shades
=> White
=> Black
=> Dark Blue
=> Aqua Blue
=> Olive Green
=> Sunrise Yellow
=> Lotus Pink(Dark Red)
=> Green
=> Magenta
=> Hazelnut
=> Reddish(Dark Red)
=> Violet