Transparent UV Curing Resin 50gm

Transparent UV Curing Resin 50gm

Use UV lamp

About this item
UPGRADED FORMULA & NON-TOXIC SAFE– hard type kraft resin is made of non-toxic material, great transparency and no impurities. Super transparent UV epoxy resin with self-levelling and self-degassing properties can cure smooth crystal clear, glassy finish. Super clear, anti-scratch, anti-stain and yellow resistance.
EASY TO STORE AND USE – Unlike AB resin which requires modulation and takes longer curing time, ART resin is ready to use and does not require any preparation. Curing hard in minutes with instant UV light or sunlight. The nozzle helps a lot in squeezing and injecting the resin.
Widely Used- UV Resin can be mixed with UV resin dye, glitter, sequins, dyes to create more brilliant colors.

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